Already thinking about Monday

I agree, I agree! this is not a look for this week's weather. I shot it about two months ago and forgot it a little bit... Since I study a lot now, I don't have a lot of looks to share with you. But I will start shooting again as soon as my exams end!

I'm already done with 4 exams out of 6! I have one tomorrow and my last one is on Monday. And to be honest, I can't stand studying anymore! The weather is so nice outside, who wants to stay inside all day long?

My plans for Monday are:

-studying all morning long
-writing my exam at 4pm
-6pm: end of the exams! going to the lake with my study-buddies to swim and make a BBQ
-later in the night: going to a cool-down party (the university organises parties every day until the end of all the students' exams)
-sleeping at a friend's house

Have a lovely weekend all! xx

Trench: Mango (same)
Shirt: Caroll Paris (old)
Short: H&M
Hairtie: Mango (same)