Current wishlist

I've been craving on a lot of things recently, but the stuffs in this article are ones that I've been having an eye on since a lot of time.

  • 2 new parfums I'm loving so much! The Chanel is very classic, but not like the Numéro 5. It's something that you still can wear even if you're not a grandma. And I wasn't sure about the Gucci one at first because it really has a floral scent, and I feel like those kinds of perfume are more for the summer than winter! But it has a little je-ne-sais-quoi that makes it perfect for winter-time.
  • Long mustard yellow dress. I love the trend of the super flowy maxi dresses for fall. You only have to add a warm cosy sweater and you're good to go!
  • Platform sneakers. I have my eyes on those Alexander McQueen shoes for so many years! I always tried to convince myself that it's too much money for shoes. But I've realized that the price of these shoes equals two airmax Nike shoes. Sooo it's not that much. I feel a little less guilty but I may gift myself these one for Christmas.
  • Moondust eyeshadow palette. My friend bought it last year and ever since, I hesitate to buy it. I love a very simple makeup but with a lot of glitters on the eyes.
  • Rose scented candle. I have a thing with rose scent since two or three months. I think I have mostly everything for my skincare but a candle for my bedroom is missing!
  • Colorful rug. I was today in micasa (a swiss shop) and I saw this wonderful rug. And what was my surprise when I discovered that it costs only 50 CHF! I really think that I'll getting it, it's so nice! I love this kind of rug with some industrial inspired decoration.
  • Personnalized necklace. I've seen this necklace on one of my favorite youtuber: Estée Lalonde. I think it's really pretty and it's kind of funny to wear something personalized.

Moondust eyeshadow palette - Urban Decay / Yellow floral dress - Mango / Gabrielle perfume - Chanel / Personalized necklace - Yé Brand

Bloom perfume - Gucci / Rose scented candle - Diptyque / Sneakers - Alexander McQueen / Rug - micasa