A selection of inspiring fashion insta accounts

Here is a section of instagram accounts that I like the most when it comes to fashion, and to find ideas to dress up.

1. Vanessa Hong @thehautepursuit

Vanessa is one of the most inspiring people I follow. Fresh air it's for fashion and mind. She is very focused on yoga, meditation and eating healthy. In addition, her account is perfectly aesthetic, which is a pleasure to look at.

2. Anne-Laure Mais Moreau @adenorah

The ultimate French girl. She is always dressed very easily (but very chic!) with a little something extra that makes each of her outfits irresistible. The perfect inspiration for every day.

3. Camille Charrière @camillecharriere

Camille. My favorite. Again this French girl style, but with her little British twist that makes all her outfits not so basic ! Always the right balance between sexy, chic and casual.

4. Estée Lalonde @esteelalonde

I love Estée. As the years go by, she has a more assertive style. She dares to wear clothes (which always suit her perfectly!) and combinations of accessories that you don't see on every street corner (her fuzzy lilac beret).

5. Monikh Dale @monikh

When I think of Monikh, I think of a satin skirt + comfortable knit. I love this style, I think it suits her so well. Her outfit ideas are perfect in summer, but I must admit that I prefer winter ones: she masters layering and combination of different materials so well!

6. Pernille Teisbaeck @pernilleteisbaek

My ultimate Scandinavian girl. A very very chic mother, who always dresses very classy, but with a very couture element that makes everything a little more special. 

7. Solene @solenelara

Another French girl, again. But I love her outfits so much! They are so simple, and so chic, that's exactly what I like to have as an example for my outfits!